What I Did in 2012


Well, it IS December 31. Time for a re-cap. What happened in 2012?

1. I became a vegetarian and I like it. A lot.

I had two reasons for deciding to eat plants instead of animals. One was ‘ahimsa’–the path of yoga based on non-violence and kindness to all living things. The other was something I’ve learned from living with different animals–every animal has a unique personality. Every dog that’s lived with me, every cat that has hired me as staff, every cow and horse I’ve been around, has been an individual. They recognize you. They chat. They say “hi” when you show up. They like Friskas, but not boiled carrots. You know what I mean.

Some animals seem like they don’t have any personality–chickens, for instance–but I bet that’s just because I haven’t gotten to know any chickens personally. I find it hard to eat something when I know it would prefer not to be on the menu and would say that if it could speak.

I wonder now why I delayed this change until January 2012 and I think it was laziness and vanity. I knew exactly how to plan meals based around meat and I’m a good cook, so that’s what I did. The unexpected bonus of becoming a vegetarian has been learning to love vegetables I had always ignored. Brussell sprouts are delightful. I never knew.

2. I sold our house and moved to another city in 23 days.

I really can’t take full credit for this, because Ron did much of the work. I wrote the listing, made arrangements with ComFree to post the sale and showed the house. I treated every showing as if the photo team from Better Homes and Gardens was arriving, so I basically drove myself and everyone else batty with cleaning, decorating and styling the house and yard. But, damn, it looked good. And it sold…fast. So then I had to hire movers. Sadly, when you only have seven days to arrange a move, you have to hire whoever is available and pay whatever they want to charge. Groan.

3. I managed not to get a job.

I haven’t had a go-to-work job since 2010 and 2012 was my most successful year as a freelancer. I am basing that statement on having made an actual profit.

4. I made marshmallows and fruitcake for the first time.

I’ve always wanted to make marshmallows from scratch, so I finally did. They were OK, but not that great. The fruitcake on the other hand was sublime.

5. I gave away my cat.

We had a mean cat living with us. He bullied the other cats, beat them up, ate all their food (he was huge) and peed on our furniture and clothing. For six years we put up with this. We had to throw away a sofa, a futon, armchairs, carpeting, luggage and clothes because nothing was safe from him. Finally, as part of getting our house ready to sell, we were having new carpet installed in the basement and I gave him away before he had a chance to wreck it, or even see it. I still miss him. I was his favourite human.

6. I started blogging in an extremely unpredictable fashion.

I read a lot of blogs and I know that bloggers tend to follow a demanding and tidy schedule of near-daily blogging. I’m pretty sure I won’t ever achieve those standards. Point of fact–this is supposed to be a food blog and there’s only one recipe here. However, I do have a long list of tested recipes, partially written posts and a great new close-up camera lens, so 2013 could be the turning point…

2 thoughts on “What I Did in 2012

  1. Hi ..
    So you decided to become a vegetarian. Well I think I could probably be one too. As I do not eat much meat anyway. And I hate to kill animals. Yes I could be avegetarian.
    Have a HAPPY NEWYEAR. Love Keitha

    • Hello! Glad to hear it! My fridge is full of things I never knew tasted so good, like swiss chard and kale. And we eat a lot of beans and lentils. Today I’m cooking black-eyed peas for the first time. Apparently it’s good luck to eat black eyed peas and cabbage on January 1. The leaves signify a year of “folding the green”.

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